Leading Through Change & Crisis

For years, those who have attended my keynotes and workshops have asked if I had put any of my lessons into an online form. Till now, I had not. (And yes, I am a slow learner.) 

My first offering under my own brand is Leading Through Change & Crisis.

Leading Through Change & Crisis will provide insights into how leaders act with commitment, courage, and compassion. What we call “grace under pressure.” 

Participants will learn how leaders:

  • Care for their people -- putting their needs first so they can ensure the organization survives
  • Take care of themselves -- making certain to be at their best because that’s what is demanded of them
  • Prepare for the future -- thinking and doing what it takes to act for the future by taking action today.

Leading Through Change & Crisis combines video instruction with interactive learning exercises. At the end of course is a self-assessment you can use to evaluate what have learned and can add to your leadership journey.